Gluten free and gluten reduced beer explained

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  • Gluten-free beers are made without any ingredients that naturally contain gluten, using alternative grains instead. They have no or extremely low levels of gluten, typically below 20 ppm. They are suitable for those with gluten allergies or intolerances.
  • Gluten-reduced beers are brewed using ingredients that contain gluten, such as barley or wheat. Special techniques or enzymes are used during brewing to break down the gluten proteins, reducing their levels to below 20 ppm. However, some residual gluten may still be present. They may be suitable for those with mild gluten sensitivities or gluten intolerance, but not recommended for individuals with celiac disease.

The key difference is that gluten-free beers are made without gluten-containing ingredients, while gluten-reduced beers start with gluten-containing ingredients but undergo processes to reduce the gluten content.

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